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sedap Meaning

In Singapore, sedap refers to the delightful and satisfying sensation derived from delicious and flavorsome food. It encapsulates the pleasure experienced when indulging in the city-state’s diverse culinary offerings. Translated into Chinese, sedap can be expressed as 美味 (měi wèi).

sedap in a Sentence 

1. Wah, this nasi lemak very sedap sia! (sia – meaning ‘man’ or ‘bro’)
2. Eh, try this chili crab, damn sedap leh! (leh – expressing surprise or emphasis)
3. Auntie’s homemade curry puff is so sedap can die! (can die – meaning ‘extremely delicious’)
4. My ah ma’s chicken rice always is the most sedap one lah. (lah – used to soften a statement)
5. The sambal chili on this satay is out of this world sedap!

Sedap – suh-dahp

sedap Origin in Singlish

Dis sedap food, ah, originate from Malaysia lah! Shiok ah! Got all kinds of sedap food like nasi lemak, mee goreng, and teh tarik. So shiok, confirm make you lick your fingers and say wah, damn sedap!