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sampat Meaning


sampat in a Sentence 

1. Uncle always choping places at the hawker center, so sampat! (pronounced as sam-paht)
2. She keeps talking loudly on the phone, so sampat lah! (pronounced as sam-paht)
3. The children were jumping around and being so sampat during the party. (pronounced as sam-paht)
4. Don’t be so sampat and just do what I asked! (pronounced as sam-paht)
5. My sister is always poking her nose into my business, so sampat sia! (pronounced as sam-paht)

sampat Origin in Singlish

This sampat ish liddat one sia, it boleh trace back to our kopi uncles lah. Dey always love to kaypoh and disturb people, so sampat became their middle name lor. Now, everyone also become sampat because it’sh fun and kena suka-suka people. Shiok!

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