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sabo Meaning

Sabo refers to an act of sabotaging or intentionally causing trouble for someone in Singapore. It involves actions aimed at creating inconvenience or harm for another individual. In Chinese, sabo translates to 捣乱 (Dǎo luàn).

sabo in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t sabo me ah, I already told you the secret recipe for the best chili crab!
2. Aiyo, why you sabo me last night at the club? Now I got no chance to talk to that cute girl.
3. Wah, my friend sabo-ed me by telling my crush that I like her. So embarrassing lah!
4. Uncle, why you sabo my parking spot? Now I have to drive one round to find another one.
5. Bro, don’t sabo me and tell our friends about my terrible singing, okay?

PRONUNCIATION: Sabo is pronounced as sah-boh.

sabo Origin in Singlish

Sabo origin from hor. Dis term means to sabo or play pranks on kakis. Usually use lar, for example, “Eh, last time I sabo my friend, tell him got kope another kopitiam stall. Machiam beh paiseh sia. Laugh until peng.” Nowadays, sabo become common leh, everyone also play one.

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