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Red Light District In Singapore: What You Need To Know

Red light districts in Singapore have a long history, dating back to the colonial era. They were originally established in designated areas, mainly in Chinatown, where brothels were legally allowed to operate. Over time, these districts became infamous for their night-time activities and were often associated with crime and unsanitary conditions.

Recognising the importance of maintaining public health and order, the Singapore government took steps in the late 20th century to clean up these areas. This involved strict law enforcement to curb illegal activities and a comprehensive city planning scheme to improve living conditions.

Today, red light districts in Singapore are regulated by stringent laws and regular police patrols. The government has also made efforts to ensure that the activities within these districts are conducted in a safe and legal manner, with regular health checks for sex workers and mandatory use of protection. While the presence of red light districts continues to spark debate, they are generally considered safer compared to those in many other countries.

Is there a legal red light district in Singapore?

Yes, the most well-known legal red light district in Singapore is Geylang. This area is unique as it intersperses brothels, also known as ‘lorongs’, with residential and commercial buildings. However, activities within these brothels are tightly controlled by the government.

Workers in this district are required to undergo health checks and carry a card proving they are free from sexually transmitted diseases. Visitors to the district are advised to use protection during intercourse, and for further health assurance, they can ask to see the sex worker’s health card.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What other services are offered in these districts besides adult entertainment? A: These districts also provide a wide array of services including expertly crafted cocktails and professional massage services.

Q2: Are all these districts officially recognized as red light districts? A: No, only Geylang is officially recognized as a red light district. The others are popular entertainment districts that offer a variety of services.

Q3: What measures does the government take to regulate activities in these districts? A: The government employs strict laws and regular police patrols to ensure all activities are conducted legally and safely.

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