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ponteng Meaning

Ponteng is a term used in Singapore to refer to the act of truancy or playing hooky. It essentially means deliberately skipping school without valid reasons. Ponteng (逃课)在新加坡是指故意逃学或逍遥法外的行为。

ponteng in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t ponteng lah! We have an important meeting with the boss this afternoon. (pronounced: pon-teng)
2. Ah Boy always ponteng school and go play video games at the arcade. (pronounced: pon-teng)
3. My friend got caught ponteng NS and now he has to do extra duties as punishment. (pronounced: pon-teng)
4. Don’t come ponteng tuition ah, your grades will suffer. (pronounced: pon-teng)
5. The students decided to ponteng class and go to the beach instead. (pronounced: pon-teng)

ponteng Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know hor, this ponteng thing origin from school lah. When your friend say, Eh, let’s ponteng class and go hang out, then everyone follow only, sia. Now, it become bad habit already, got people ponteng work and everything. Ayoyo!