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piak piak Meaning

Piak piak in Singapore refers to the act of getting gently slapped on the arm as a form of playful teasing or affectionate gesture among friends. In Chinese, piak piak can be translated as 拍拍 (pāi pāi).

piak piak in a Sentence 

1. Eh, that mosquito piak piak me until I cannot sleep lah! (pronounced as pee-ak pee-ak)
2. My grandmother always piak piak me when I forget to wash the dishes. (pronounced as pee-ak pee-ak)
3. The toddler piak piak the drum so loudly, all the neighbors could hear! (pronounced as pee-ak pee-ak)
4. Wah, that teacher confirm piak piak the naughty students one. (pronounced as pee-ak pee-ak)
5. I accidentally piak piak my finger with the stapler, and it hurt like crazy! (pronounced as pee-ak pee-ak)

piak piak Origin in Singlish

Eh bro, dis piak piak come from ancient Chinese lingo la. Long time ago, Chinese use biān pāi to mean slap. Den, we Singaporeans take liao and piak piak it. Now ah, piak piak famous worldwide, even Ang Moh know! Wah, power sia!

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