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pak tor paktor Meaning

Pak tor/paktor is a term commonly used in Singapore to refer to dating or being in a romantic relationship. It translates to going out in English and 约会 (yuē huì) in Chinese.

pak tor paktor in a Sentence 

1. Eh, last night I went pak tor paktor with this girl from my office.
(Pronunciation: pahk-tor pahk-tor)

2. I didn’t know they were serious, they’ve been pak tor paktor for almost a year now.
(Pronunciation: pahk-tor pahk-tor)

3. Wah, he always go pak tor paktor with his girlfriend one, very sweet lah.
(Pronunciation: pahk-tor pahk-tor)

4. Eh bro, this app is perfect for pak tor paktor, can find many nearby lah!
(Pronunciation: pahk-tor pahk-tor)

5. She was upset because he canceled their pak tor paktor date last minute.
(Pronunciation: pahk-tor pahk-tor)

pak tor paktor Origin in Singlish

Pak tor paktor start from bojio mean. One day, one guy buay pai buay kia, tell his friend he got date then kena guai lan. Mee siam lah, his friend beh cakap, so machiam bo chap chye. Everyone now pak tor paktor, no more lonely lah!

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