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pai kia Meaning

Pai kia refers to a colloquial term used in Singapore to describe a mischievous or trouble-making youngster. Often associated with rebellious behavior or involvement in illegal activities, the term is of Hokkien origin. In Chinese, it is translated as 淘气少年 (táo qì shào nián).

pai kia in a Sentence 

1. Eh, that guy always make trouble one, damn pai kia lah! (pronounced: pie-kee-ah)
2. Don’t mess with him, he’s a notorious pai kia in this neighborhood. (pronounced: pie-kee-ah)
3. Wah lau, he purposely scratch my car, such a pai kia move! (pronounced: pie-kee-ah)
4. The group of pai kias gathered at the void deck, causing a ruckus. (pronounced: pie-kee-ah)
5. She slapped him when he called her a pai kia, no one disrespects her like that! (pronounced: pie-kee-ah)

pai kia Origin in Singlish

This pai kia ah, he origin from the heartland lor. Born and bred in Singapore, always hang out with his kaki at kopitiam. He damn fierce woh, talk like got no tomorrow. But deep down, he got good heart lah, always ready to protect his bros one.

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