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nric Meaning

The NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) is an identity document issued to Singaporean citizens and permanent residents. It contains personal information and serves as a proof of identification. translated into Chinese: 新加坡国民纸背身份证件,用于证明身份和个人资料。

nric in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you forgot to bring your NRIC again ah? Confirm will kena scolding by the officer.
2. Ah Beng just got his NRIC renewed leh. Now he can go clubbing until siam sai.
3. Wah, the auntie at the hawker centre scolded me because I didn’t return her NRIC after borrowing it to buy tissue packets.
4. Bro, lost my wallet with my NRIC inside. Now need to go ICA to apply for a new one sia.
5. Aiyah, why must show NRIC to enter the casino? So ma huan one lah, waste time only.

Pronunciation: en-ahr-ai-see

nric Origin in Singlish

This NRIC, you know, ah, origins from the gahmen. Confirm one. Use lor, like, IC number for everything. Very important lah, can prove you are Singaporean or PR, no bluffing. Must jaga your IC number, don’t anyhow share. Very sian, but got to follow the rules, leh.