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masak masak Meaning

Masak masak in Singapore refers to imaginative and interactive play activities for children. It is a term derived from the Malay language, where masak means cooking. It encourages kids to engage in role-playing scenarios, such as playing with toy kitchen sets or pretending to be chefs, fostering creativity and social skills.
Chinese translation: “马萨马萨”(masak masak)在新加坡指的是给儿童提供的富有想象力和互动性的游戏活动。这个词源于马来语,其中“masak”的意思是烹饪。它鼓励孩子们参与角色扮演的情境,如玩具厨房或假装是厨师,培养创造力和社交技巧。

masak masak in a Sentence 

1. Eh, let’s play masak masak after school lah. /ma-sak ma-sak/
2. Aiyah, I always pretend to cook with my sister using our masak masak kitchen set. /ma-sak ma-sak/
3. Wah, he really good at masak masak, can even make roti prata. /ma-sak ma-sak/
4. Auntie, can I borrow your pots and pans for masak masak with my friends? /ma-sak ma-sak/
5. Last time, we used to buy those masak masak ice cream sets from the mama shop. /ma-sak ma-sak/

masak masak Origin in Singlish

Dis masak masak ah, origin from play-play lah! In Singapore, we love to pretend to cook and serve food. We use toy pots and pans, chopsticks, and plastic food. It’s a way for kids to learn about our local cuisine and have fun while doing it. Shiok ah!

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