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makcik Meaning

A makcik in Singapore refers to a middle-aged or elderly woman, emphasizing familiarity and respect towards someone older. In Chinese, makcik can be translated as 阿姨 (ā yí), which is used as a respectful term to address a woman who is slightly older or of a similar age.

makcik in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you see that makcik there, always gossiping about others. (mahk-cheek)
2. My makcik always cooks the best nasi lemak for family gatherings. (mahk-cheek)
3. The makcik at the wet market gave me a good deal for these fresh vegetables. (mahk-cheek)
4. That makcik at the hawker center makes the most delicious mee goreng. (mahk-cheek)
5. The friendly makcik at the void deck is always ready to chat with everyone. (mahk-cheek)

makcik Origin in Singlish

This makcik origin from kampung, chio bu with curly hair and power lah. She talk like local lion, always cooked sedap sedap dishes with chili padi. Really good cook sia, never makan liao feel shiok siah! So machiam like local celebrity, everyone love her lah!

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