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makan Meaning

Makan in Singapore refers to the act of eating or enjoying food. It encompasses the diverse culinary culture of the city-state, representing the love and passion for food among its residents. In Chinese, makan is translated as 享用美食 (xiǎngyòng měishí).

makan in a Sentence 

1. Let’s go makan at the famous hawker center, lah! (pronounced mah-kan)
2. I’m feeling hungry, need to find some makan soon. (pronounced mah-kan)
3. Wah, this zi char stall serves really delicious makan, you know. (pronounced mah-kan)
4. Don’t worry about cooking, just tapau makan from the nearby nasi lemak stall. (pronounced mah-kan)
5. Yesterday, I had a makan session with my kakis at a zi char restaurant. (pronounced mah-kan)

makan Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know this makan, right? Wah, it origins from our local lah! Shiok sia! Got all the flavor and style you won’t find anywhere else. Can taste the love and kampung vibes in every bite, like ah ma’s cooking. Confirm plus chop, must try lah!