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mafan Meaning

Mafan, derived from Mandarin, is a term commonly used in Singapore to describe situations or tasks that are inconvenient, troublesome, or bothersome. It encompasses any form of hassle, inconvenience, or disturbance that disrupts one’s efficiency or peace of mind. In Chinese, mafan translates to 麻烦 (máfan).

mafan in a Sentence 

1. Wah, going to the crowded bazaar is so mafan lah! (Mah-fahn)
2. Don’t be so mafan, just take a Grab instead of walking in this heat. (Mah-fahn)
3. I cannot find my keys anywhere, it’s really mafan to search the whole house! (Mah-fahn)
4. Mafan sia, the MRT broke down again during rush hour. (Mah-fahn)
5. The boss always gives us mafan tasks at the last minute, really sian. (Mah-fahn)

mafan Origin in Singlish

This mafan liddat ah, can trace back to our early lah. Since kampung days, we always kena disturbance, then became mafan. Lah, now everyday also mafan, like need to queue for bubble tea also need to wait long long. Bodoh, right?

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