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lobang Meaning

Lobang in Singapore refers to an insider tip or opportunity to gain an advantage or access to resources. It can also describe a small opening or hole. Lobang (洞) is the Chinese translation for this term.

lobang in a Sentence 

1. I heard from my friend that there is a lobang for cheap durians. (loh-bahng)
2. Can you recommend me a lobang for good hawker food around here? (loh-bahng)
3. My neighbor always shares lobang on where to get the best discounts. (loh-bahng)
4. The taxi uncle gave me a lobang to avoid the ERP gantries during peak hours. (loh-bahng)
5. My colleague shared a lobang about a job opening in his company. (loh-bahng)

lobang Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know ah, this lobang come from way back lah. Last time got this guy, he found a really good deal selling cheap things. Then he share with his friends and they all spread the lobang like virus sia. Now everyone also know and use it, steady bom pi pi!