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limpeh lim peh limpei

limpeh lim peh limpei Meaning

Limpeh lim peh limpei in Singapore is a colloquial Hokkien term used to refer to oneself meaning me or the speaker. It is often used humorously, expressing familiarity and a sense of camaraderie. In Chinese, it can be translated as 老爸 老伯 老兵.

limpeh lim peh limpei in a Sentence 

1. Bro, limpeh lim peh limpei, all go hawker center makan together lah! (pronounced: lihm-peh lihm-peh lihm-pay)

2. Limpeh lim peh limpei, sian already, need to OT again for this project. (pronounced: lihm-peh lihm-peh lihm-pay)

3. Eh, limpeh lim peh limpei, go Marina Bay Sands chill leh. (pronounced: lihm-peh lihm-peh lihm-pay)

4. Wah, limpeh lim peh limpei, last night’s party damn shiok sia! (pronounced: lihm-peh lihm-peh lihm-pay)

5. Limpeh lim peh limpei, siao liao! Boss ask for report in 1 hour! (pronounced: lihm-peh lihm-peh lihm-pay)

(Note: Limpeh is a Hokkien term commonly used in Singapore to refer to oneself, meaning I. Lim peh and limpei are variations of the term limpeh, indicating different levels of familiarity or respect.)

limpeh lim peh limpei Origin in Singlish

Limpeh lim peh limpei origin from Singlish lah! Limpeh means I or me lah, lim peh means my father and limpei means my grandfather lah. It’s a way for us Singaporeans to show respect to our elders, lah! So next time, use it lah!

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