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Kopi C Meaning: Kopi C is a Drink in Singapore

kopi c Meaning

Kopi C is a popular beverage in Singapore, originating from traditional Kopi (coffee) culture. It refers to a cup of coffee with evaporated milk (Carnation Milk) and sugar. In Chinese, it is translated as 咖啡C, pronounced as kāfēi C.

kopi c in a Sentence 

1. Wah, I cannot start my day without a kopi c! (pronounced as koh-pee cee)
2. Auntie, one kopi c kosong, please. (pronounced as koh-pee cee koh-song)
3. Eh bro, let’s go kopitiam and order kopi c peng. (pronounced as koh-pee cee peng)
4. I always add condensed milk to my kopi c for that extra kick. (pronounced as koh-pee cee)
5. While studying, I love sipping on a kopi c gao to stay awake. (pronounced as koh-pee cee gao)

kopi c Origin in Singlish

Ah, this kopi C, you know ah, it comes from our local kopi culture lah. It’s like kopi O, but with a splash of evaporated milk, make it swee swee. Eh, really shiok lah, can’t resist this iconic Singaporean brew, so rich and kaw kaw!

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