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kiv Meaning

KIV in Singapore refers to Keep in View, a common term used in project management. It signifies keeping a particular task or item under consideration for future action. 科桥在新加坡指的是“保留意见”,这是项目管理中常用的术语,表示将特定任务或项目保留待日后进一步处理。

kiv in a Sentence 

1. I’ll just kiv this task for now and come back to it later lah. (kee-vee)
2. Let’s kiv this durian stall, I heard the fruit here is really good sia. (kee-vee)
3. My friend recommended a new hawker center, I’ll KIV the name and check it out next time. (kee-vee)
4. Don’t forget to KIV this interesting article, you might want to read it later. (kee-vee)
5. I’ve KIV-ed the date for our meet-up, so let’s confirm it when everyone is free. (kee-vee)

kiv Origin in Singlish

Kiv ori-jin from creasin’ thick. It’s like choping task for later lah. When busy or dunno how to handle, we kiv it. Worry bout it lata lor. Kan cheong not, relax first, settle kiv items later. Simi sai mau kiv, jin jialat lah!

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