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kiasi Meaning

Kiasi is a Singaporean Hokkien term that roughly translates to being overly anxious or cautious. It refers to a fear of taking risks and an inclination towards safety and security. In Chinese, kiasi can be translated as 害怕失去 or 过度谨慎.

kiasi in a Sentence 

1. Don’t need to be so kiasi lah, it’s just a small scratch!” (kee-ah-see)
2. She’s so kiasi, she brings an umbrella everywhere, even on a sunny day! (kee-ah-see)
3. Why are you so kiasi? The train delay is only for a few minutes. (kee-ah-see)
4. My dad is very kiasi, he always locks all the doors and windows before going to sleep. (kee-ah-see)
5. I don’t understand why people are so kiasi about eating street food, it’s delicious! (kee-ah-see)

kiasi Origin in Singlish

Kiasi, this word origin from Singaporeans who scared scared one. When got any small small problem, confirm die die must worry like siao. Sometimes kiasu and kiasi also same same lah. So, if you want to blend in, must embrace the kiasi culture, understand or not?

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