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kena Meaning

Kena is a Singaporean slang term commonly used to describe a situation where one becomes a victim of an unfortunate event or incurs unexpected consequences. In Chinese, kena can be translated as 中招 (zhōng zhāo), implying being hit or affected by something unexpectedly.

kena in a Sentence 

1. I kena scolded by my teacher for forgetting to do my homework. (pronounced keh-nah)
2. Yesterday, I kena caught in a sudden rainstorm and got completely soaked. (pronounced keh-nah)
3. My friend kena cheated in a card game and lost all his money. (pronounced keh-nah)
4. Don’t play with fire, ah! You’ll kena burn! (pronounced keh-nah)
5. Wah, he so suay, kena hit by a car while crossing the road. (pronounced keh-nah)

kena Origin in Singlish

Kena ownself say ownself one, lah! Origin from our unique blend of languages: Malay, English, Chinese, and Tamil. Power sia! Like our rojak culture, this singlish way of speaking is how we express our identity and unite as one people. Confirm shiok, you know?