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kaypoh Meaning

Kaypoh (咖啡) is a Singaporean slang term referring to a person who is nosy or excessively curious about other people’s affairs. It can also mean someone who enjoys gossiping or interfering in matters that do not concern them.

kaypoh in a Sentence 

1. Ah Beng is always so kaypoh, poking his nose into other people’s business. (ka-poh)
2. Why you so kaypoh, asking so many questions? Mind your own business lah! (ka-poh)
3. Auntie Lee is the ultimate kaypoh queen, always eavesdropping on conversations. (ka-poh)
4. Don’t be so kaypoh, don’t need to know everything that’s going on. (ka-poh)
5. The kaypoh neighbour kept peeking through her curtains to see who was visiting. (ka-poh)

kaypoh Origin in Singlish

Kaypoh ish like a mountain turtle, always poking her nose in ur business. Dunno where she come from but she sure love to kachiao people. She kena tio from her Ah Ma liao, always ask ask ask. Annoying sia!

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