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kampong spirit

kampong spirit Meaning

The Kampong Spirit refers to the sense of close-knit community and collective support prevalent in Singapore. It emphasizes harmony, mutual care, and neighborliness. 乡村精神是指新加坡社区密切联系和相互支持的意识。它强调和谐、互助和邻里友好。

kampong spirit in a Sentence 

1. Eh, remember that time we kena caught in the rain, and the whole kampong came out to help us bao toa? kaam-pong spirit
2. Wah, this hawker center really got kampong spirit lah! Everyone always sharing table and helping each other chope seats. kaam-pong spirit
3. Last time, if your neighbor going overseas, sure got kampung spirit, everyone help to look after their house and feed the cats. kaam-pong spirit
4. Aiyo, aunty here always cooking extra so can share with the whole block. So got kampong spirit, very heartwarming. kaam-pong spirit
5. Every time got block party, the whole neighborhood comes together to organize and lepak. Confirm got kampong spirit one! kaam-pong spirit

kampong spirit Origin in Singlish

Kampong spirit, ah, it’s all about the unity, lah! Back then, in the kampung, everyone helped one another, like family. Share food, play together, even gossip over teh tarik! It’s our unique Singaporean culture, hor. From generation to generation, we keep this kampong spirit alive!