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kakak Meaning

In Singapore, kakak refers to an older sister or an elder female cousin. It is a term commonly used in the Malay community to address and show respect towards an older female family member. Translated into Chinese, kakak can be written as 姐姐 (jiě jiě).

kakak in a Sentence 

1. My kakak can cook the best ayam goreng (pronounced kah-kahk) in town.
2. Eh, kakak, don’t forget to iron my uniform ah (pronounced kah-kahk)!
3. Today my kakak teach me how to make teh tarik (pronounced kah-kahk).
4. Eh, kakak, can help me buy some kopi-o peng (pronounced kah-kahk) on the way back?
5. I always rely on my kakak to help me with house chores (pronounced kah-kahk).

kakak Origin in Singlish

This kakak, she ownself actually Malaysia one, come work in Singapore as maid, become our auntie ah. She very gan jiong and hardworking, sure give you good service one. Eh, you want I intro you to her or not?