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jialat Meaning

Jialat: A Singlish term commonly used in Singapore to express a sense of despair, trouble, or difficulty. It is derived from the Hokkien dialect and can be roughly translated into Chinese as 糟糕 (zāogāo).

jialat in a Sentence 

1. Wah, the weather today so jialat, can melt a Popsicle in 5 seconds! (pronounced: jee-uh-lat)
2. Cannot find parking space anywhere near the mall, damn jialat lah. (pronounced: jee-uh-lat)
3. I forgot to bring my wallet out, damn jialat, now I cannot buy anything. (pronounced: jee-uh-lat)
4. My boss just gave me so many last-minute tasks, jialat sia, I’m going to be working late tonight. (pronounced: jee-uh-lat)
5. My phone battery died during an important call, jialat lor, I hope the person calls back. (pronounced: jee-uh-lat)

jialat Origin in Singlish

This jialat origin from way back lah, like donkey years ago. Confirm from China one. Some smart aleck came up with this phrase to describe something damn f**ked up. Now jialat is like part of our everyday Singlish vocabulary. So shiok, sia!