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jiak kantang is a word in Singlish

jiak kantang Meaning

Jiak Kantang, commonly known as potato eater in Singapore, refers to someone who favors Western cuisine or adopts Western culture. The term is derived from the Hokkien dialect, where jiak means eat and kantang means potato. Chinese translation: 吃土豆者 (chī tǔdòu zhě).

jiak kantang in a Sentence

1. Eh Jia Hui, you always jiak kantang one lah, can you eat more rice for once? (Eh Jia Hui, you always eat potatoes, can you eat more rice for once?)
2. Auntie, the food court got hokkien mee, chicken rice, jiak kantang lah! (Auntie, the food court has hokkien mee, chicken rice, and potatoes!)
3. Yesterday, I jiak kantang while watching Netflix, super shiok! (Yesterday, I ate potatoes while watching Netflix, it was really enjoyable!)
4. Wah, so much food at the buffet! Jiak kantang until cannot move! (Wow, so much food at the buffet! Ate potatoes until I couldn’t move!)
5. Cannot jiak kantang tonight, need to start diet liao. (Cannot eat potatoes tonight, need to start diet already.)

Pronunciation: jiak kantang is pronounced as jack kan-tahng.

jiak kantang Origin in Singlish

This jiak kantang came from the ang moh (foreigners) who cannot pronounce eat potato properly. They say jiak kantang instead. So now we also say jiak kantang lah! It’s like goyang kaki but eat potato style, can relax and chit chat while enjoying some kantang chips.

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