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jelak Meaning

Jelak is a term commonly used in Singapore to describe a feeling of over-indulgence or excessive monotony towards certain food or activities. It refers to a sense of boredom or weariness, which can arise from consuming something repeatedly or excessively. In Chinese, jelak can be translated as 变得腻 (biàn dé nì).

jelak in a Sentence 

1. After eating too many durians, I feel jelak lah! (pronounced juh-lahk)
2. I cannot eat any more nasi lemak, I sian and jelak already. (pronounced juh-lahk)
3. I don’t want to watch K-dramas anymore, it’s so jelak and predictable. (pronounced juh-lahk)
4. I ate so much chocolate cake that I felt jelak until the next day. (pronounced juh-lahk)
5. Ah, this song is on repeat on the radio, it’s super jelak and I’m tired of hearing it. (pronounced juh-lahk)

jelak Origin in Singlish

Wah, this jelak really come from too much eat, sia! You know when you makan too much of one thing until dun want already, then that feeling is what we call jelak. Like chocolate cake, one slice nice, but eat the whole ting, wah, so jelak sia!

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