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heng Meaning

Heng is a Singlish term commonly used in Singapore to express a stroke of luck or fortunate outcome. It can be loosely translated into Chinese as 幸运 (xìng yùn).

heng in a Sentence 

1. Heng ah, I managed to catch the bus just before it left! (pronounced as heng)
2. You better heng, don’t get caught by the police. (pronounced as heng)
3. I heng ah, my wallet got returned to me after I dropped it. (pronounced as heng)
4. Heng sia, the restaurant had a last-minute cancellation, so we got a table. (pronounced as heng)
5. Don’t play play, heng ah, my phone battery died just after I finished my call. (pronounced as heng)

heng Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know ah, this heng story origin from way back lah. Got this guy, very the suay one, keep kena calamity after calamity. Then one day, bo bian, he strike Toto jackpot! So now everyone say, wah, that guy damn heng sia!