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goondu Meaning

Goondu is a Singaporean term used to describe someone who is foolish or lacks common sense. It can be translated into Chinese as 呆子 (dāi zi).

goondu in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t be a goondu lah! The train is packed, can’t you see? (gʊn-doo)
2. You left your wallet on the table again? Aiyo, you’re such a goondu sia! (gʊn-doo)
3. My friend thought that ‘jalapeno’ was pronounced as ‘ja-la-PEN-no’. So goondu, right? (gʊn-doo)
4. Why are you wearing a sweater in this weather? It’s so hot outside, you goondu! (gʊn-doo)
5. You took the wrong bus? Wah, you’re really goondu can’t even read the sign properly. (gʊn-doo)

goondu Origin in Singlish

Goondu, leh? This guy, he’s like blur like sotong, lah. Origin? Ah, simple, you see. Dis fella, he start acting gong-gong, talk cock, and kena sai by others. Then, everyone say, Eh, this one really goondu, can’t tahan liao! Now, goondu become his claim to fame, sia.

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