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good game

good game Meaning

Good game in Singapore refers to a positive outcome or result in a competitive activity. It is an expression used to commend participants for their skill, sportsmanship, or performance. In Chinese, good game can be translated as 好游戏 (hǎo yóuxì).

good game in a Sentence 

1. Wah, that soccer match was a good game sia! The players rojak (mixed) in skill and teamwork!

2. Eh, last night’s mahjong session damn good game lah! Can’t believe I won with a lucky tile!

3. Bro, the new multiplayer video game damn good game leh! So addictive, I played until my eyes blur.

4. Auntie, your karaoke performance was a good game! Your voice power really shiok (pleasing) sia!

5. Aiyo, that Dota match was a good game sia! The team fights were intense and the strategy damn solid!

Pronunciation of good game (gʊd geɪm)

good game Origin in Singlish

This game ah, heng good sia. Origin from old times leh. Like our ancestor, they play liddat one. Shiok ah! Now, we still playing, like tradition pass down. Eh, got lots of fun and exciting elements inside leh. Confirm you’ll happy playing one, for sure!