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gone case Meaning

Gone case, a slang term popular in Singapore, refers to a situation or person that is deemed hopeless or beyond repair. Its Chinese translation is 没救了 (méi jiù le), indicating a state of irreversibility or futility.

gone case in a Sentence 

1. I forgot to bring my umbrella, and now it’s pouring, siam la, gone case liao! (pronounced: gone-case)
2. Your phone battery died and you’re lost in the middle of nowhere? Wah, you confirm gone case already! (pronounced: gone-case)
3. You overslept for the exam? Aiyah, confirm gone case, no chance to pass already lah! (pronounced: gone-case)
4. He accidentally spilled coffee on his white shirt just before an important meeting. Wah, sibei gone case ah! (pronounced: gone-case)
5. You lost your passport the day before your flight? Walao, this is serious, really gone case sia! (pronounced: gone-case)

gone case Origin in Singlish

Dis gone case origin from some chop chop lah situation where everything kena twisted like roti prata. Too many kaypoh people meddle and make it worse, now whole thing riculous sia. Aiyo, cannot tahan lah, just want to peng san!

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