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garang Meaning

Garang in Singapore refers to someone who is bold, courageous, and daring. The term represents a fearless attitude and a go-getter personality. Garang in Chinese is 勇敢 (yǒng gǎn).

garang in a Sentence 

1. Eh, that new hawker stall’s chili is really garang! Can confirm shiok! (ga-rang)
2. The weather today is quite garang, very hot and sunny. (ga-rang)
3. My mother-in-law can be quite garang, always nitpicking about cleanliness. (ga-rang)
4. He’s a garang driver, always speeding and overtaking recklessly. (ga-rang)
5. This job interview is going to be garang sia, must prepare well. (ga-rang)

garang Origin in Singlish

Dis garang origin from Singapore, real hero sia. All jin brave and machiam lion, no scared anyone. From kampong to HDB, dis garang always stand tall. Never back down, always ready to fight. Eh, respect respect, dis garang really power lah!

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