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eye power

eye power Meaning

Eye power refers to the measurement of visual acuity or the ability of an individual’s eyes to focus on objects clearly. In Singapore, it pertains to the visual strength and clarity of one’s eyesight. 眼力在新加坡是指个人眼睛对物体的清晰度和视力强度的测量。

eye power in a Sentence 

1. Wah, your eye power really strong lah! You can spot small details from far away.
2. Eh, don’t bluff me ah, I know your eye power very jialat one. Cannot see anything properly.
3. My eye power damn good sia, I can see through people’s lies easily.
4. Aiyah, my eye power very suay one. I always choose the longest queue wherever I go.
5. Your eye power got no use one, keep missing all the good food in the hawker center.

Pronunciation: eye power (pronounced as ai pao-er).

eye power Origin in Singlish

This eye power origin from the times when ah beng saw ah lian from far far away and say Wah, she hot sia!. Since then, everyone use this power to check out the hot babes and handsome guys. Don’t play play, this eye power very powerful one, you know!