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Encik Tan Menu 2024

Encik Tan is a beloved food and beverage brand in Singapore, known for its halal-certified culinary delights. With more than 18 outlets scattered across the city, they have carved out a unique niche by providing local Chinese food prepared with halal ingredients. This ensures that their dishes maintain the traditional taste and flavor of Chinese cuisine while adhering to halal dietary laws.

The menu at Encik Tan is diverse, featuring a range of dishes from soups to noodles and rice. Whether you’re dining in or taking out, you’re sure to find something that tickles your taste buds.

Recently, there has been news that Encik Tan has made some adjustments to their pricing. Let’s delve into their menu and see the changes:

Encik Tan Popular Dishes 2024 Price

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice鸡排咖喱饭S$ 8.10
Laksa 叻沙S$ 8.80
Wanton Noodle Set B (With 6pcs Fried Wanton)S$ 10.20
Signature Noodle招牌面S$ 10.80
Fishball Minced Meat NoodleS$ 9.40
Fishball Noodle Set A (with whole fishcake)S$ 10.20

Encik Tan Curry Rice

Chicken Cutlet Curry RiceSGD 6.90
Crispy Chicken Drumstick Curry RiceSGD 8.30
Curry Chicken Drumstick RiceSGD 8.30
Crispy Fried Fish Curry RiceSGD 8.30
Crispy Fried Prawn Curry RiceSGD 8.30

Encik Tan Fish Soup Menu & Prices

Fried Fish Ee MeeSGD 8.30
Fried Fish Thick Bee Hoon SoupSGD 8.30
Fried Fish Soup with RiceSGD 9.00

Encik Tan Beverages

Claypot RiceSGD 8.30
Claypot NoodlesSGD 8.30
Claypot Seafood NoodleSGD 9.00
Claypot Chicken Rice with Poached EggSGD 9.70
Claypot Salted Egg Yolk Chicken RiceSGD 9.70
Claypot Lala Ee MianSGD 9.00

Encik Tan Wok Delight

Char Kuay TeowSGD 7.60
Fried OysterSGD 7.60
Fried Carrot CakeSGD 6.20
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