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Agak is a word in Singlish

agak Meaning Agak is a Malay word commonly used in Singapore to express an estimation or approximation. It refers to a rough estimate or guess

tau pok is a word in Singlish

Tau Pok: Meaning Tau pok refers to a popular Singaporean snack made from deep-fried beancurd. These pockets of crispy goodness are often filled with a

Gabra is a word in Singlish

gabra Meaning Gabra in Singapore refers to a Malay term used to describe a state of chaos or confusion. It can also be translated into

jiak kantang is a word in Singlish

jiak kantang Meaning Jiak Kantang, commonly known as potato eater in Singapore, refers to someone who favors Western cuisine or adopts Western culture. The term