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eat snake

eat snake Meaning

Eat snake is a slang term used in Singapore to describe someone who avoids or slacks off on their responsibilities. It refers to a person who shirks their duties, often to engage in leisure activities or pursue personal interests. In Chinese, eat snake translates to 吃蛇 (chī shé).

eat snake in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t eat snake ah! Come help me carry this heavy bag la!
2. She said she would be here by 5pm, but she’s eating snake again lah.
3. Why you eat snake and never return my call? Confirm got something fishy going on!
4. Last time we always makan together, now you go eat snake with other friends.
5. Don’t need to eat snake la, just tell me if you don’t want to join the gathering.

Pronunciation: eet s-nayk

eat snake Origin in Singlish

Eat snake? Aiya, this one origin from lor. Long time ago, people say chut pattern when they play truant, then become eat snake. Cause play play only, like snake move slowly. So now, when someone lazy or do nothing, we say eat snake lah.