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double confirm Meaning

Double confirm in Singapore refers to a colloquial phrase indicating an action or decision that has been thoroughly checked or verified twice to ensure accuracy. In Chinese, double confirm can be translated as 双重确认 (Shuāngchóng quèrèn).

double confirm in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you sure you can come later ah? Double confirm lah, I already put it in my calendar.
2. Confirm plus chop, she will win the singing competition sia. Don’t kidding lah, double confirm she’ll win!
3. Bro, we going to the durian buffet tomorrow leh? Double confirm boleh, I even pre-booked a table!
4. This new phone confirm confirm got better camera than the old one. Really ah? Double confirm, I read the reviews already.
5. I heard they serve the best satay at that hawker stall, you want to try? Double confirm must try, my grandmother recommended it!

To pronounce double confirm in Singlish, it is commonly pronounced as du-bull cawn-firm with emphasis on the du-bull and a slight pause between the two words.

double confirm Origin in Singlish

Eh, this one double confirm from Singapore lah! Confirm plus chop local lah! No need to doubt, can trust one. Sure got the Singaporean flavor, can hear Singlish vibes from a mile away. Walao eh, proud to be Singaporean sia!

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