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cool story bro

cool story bro Meaning

Cool story bro is an expression used sarcastically to imply disinterest or skepticism towards a story that is being told. In Singapore, it is commonly used to dismiss or mock someone’s narrative. Its translation in Chinese is 酷故事哥 (kù gùshì gē).

cool story bro in a Sentence 

1. I told my friend how I aced my exam, and he just responded with a ‘Cool story, bro’ lah, like he didn’t care at all. (pronounced: kool store-ee bro)
2. My brother was bragging about winning a game, so I gave him a sarcastic ‘Cool story, bro,’ and he got all defensive. (pronounced: kool store-ee bro)
3. My colleague was going on and on about his new car, and I couldn’t help but reply with a bored ‘Cool story, bro’ as I didn’t find it interesting. (pronounced: kool store-ee bro)
4. My cousin was boasting about his latest fashion purchases, and I jokingly said, ‘Cool story, bro’ to tease him. (pronounced: kool store-ee bro)
5. When my friend kept rambling about how great his vacation was, I sarcastically remarked with a ‘Cool story, bro’ to show my disinterest. (pronounced: kool store-ee bro)

cool story bro Origin in Singlish

Eh, so this cool story bro, right? Origin from sia, the jokers always use it in forums and social media. Like when someone boasts non-stop, people comment cool story bro. Got to admit though, it’s a catchy lah. Upgraded version of talk cock sing song lah.