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cmi Meaning

CMI in Singapore refers to the Construction Industry Indicators, which encompass statistical data used to evaluate and monitor the construction sector’s performance. It involves measures such as construction output, employment, and productivity. CMI(建筑业指标)是中文形容的新加坡建筑工程行业指标,涵盖了用于评估和监测建筑行业表现的统计数据,包括建筑产出、就业和生产力等指标。

cmi in a Sentence 

1. Wah, this chicken rice cmi lah! The rice so dry and the chicken so tough.
2. Eh, why you always cmi one? Cannot even wake up on time for breakfast.
3. The weather today damn cmi sia, so hot until cannot tahan.
4. Your singing cmi lah, better stick to your day job.
5. This movie damn cmi, waste of money to watch. Should’ve chosen another show.

Pronunciation: C-M-I (see-em-eye)

cmi Origin in Singlish

Eh, you know ah, this cmi thingy is from our very own Singlish la. It stands for cannot make it. Wah, liddat also got an abbreviation ah. It means something is very jialat, or just downright no good. Use it wisely ah, don’t cmi yourself hor!

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