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chiong Meaning

Chiong is a Singaporean colloquial term that refers to the act of going all out or giving maximum effort in a task or activity. In Chinese, chiong can be translated as 拼命 (pīn mìng) or 全力以赴 (quán lì yǐ fù).

chiong in a Sentence 

1. Let’s chiong to the hawker center to get some delicious chicken rice before it gets crowded! (chiong pronounced as ch-ee-ong)
2. I need to chiong and finish this report before my boss comes back from lunch. (chiong pronounced as ch-ee-ong)
3. The army recruits were told to chiong during their training exercises to build up their stamina. (chiong pronounced as ch-ee-ong)
4. The students decided to chiong their study session to prepare for the upcoming exams. (chiong pronounced as ch-ee-ong)
5. We chiong to catch the last train home after the concert ended. (chiong pronounced as ch-ee-ong)

chiong Origin in Singlish

This chiong thing, leh, it all started long time ago when our ancestors got very bored and decided to make things fun. So they chiong here, chiong there, and now we still chiong till today. It’s like a part of our DNA liao, you know what I mean?

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