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chio bu Meaning

Chio bu is a colloquial term used in Singapore to describe a woman who is attractive and charming. This term translates to 漂亮女孩 (piàoliang nǚhái) in Chinese.

chio bu in a Sentence 

1. Wah, that girl is damn chio bu sia! (Oh wow, that girl is really attractive!)
2. Eh bro, did you see the chio bu over there? (Hey buddy, did you notice the attractive girl over there?)
3. She’s a chio bu with brains, man. (She’s a smart and attractive woman, dude.)
4. This influencer is a real chio bu lah, her social media game is strong. (This influencer is a really attractive woman, her social media skills are impressive.)
5. The new intern in our office is a chio bu, man. (The new intern in our office is an attractive woman.)

Pronunciation: chio is pronounced as chee-oh and bu is pronounced as boo.

chio bu Origin in Singlish

Eh, this chio bu so power one ah. She origin from one small kampung in Singapore, but si peh charming leh. Her smile can melt hearts, and her style damn on point. No wonder all the guys siao over her liao. True blue Singaporean chio bu lah!

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