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chim cheem Meaning

献给新加坡的“chim cheem”一词是描述一些复杂或难以理解的事物的方式。它兼有幽默和戏谑意味,常用于形容某些让人困惑或无法解释的情况或概念。

chim cheem in a Sentence 

I can provide you with five examples of chim cheem in sentences with context in Singlish, followed by the pronunciation. Please note that chim cheem is a slang term in Singlish used to describe something complicated or difficult to understand.

1. Wow, this math problem is so chim cheem! I don’t know how to solve it. (pronounced as chim cheem)
2. The instruction manual for this gadget is all chim cheem. Can you help me figure it out? (pronounced as chim cheem)
3. I don’t understand what he’s saying, his explanation is very chim cheem. (pronounced as chim cheem)
4. My chemistry teacher always uses chim cheem language. It’s hard to follow. (pronounced as chim cheem)
5. I tried reading that advanced physics book, but it’s just too chim cheem for me. (pronounced as chim cheem)

Note: The pronunciation is the same for all the examples provided.

chim cheem Origin in Singlish

Eh, this chim cheem thing ah, it origin from long long ago lah. Got people called linguists study study all the language patterns and start say, Eh, this one we call dialect lah, this one we call Singlish lah. Then, everyone also follow like frog in well, talk like that already.

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