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chao private

chao private Meaning

Chao private in Singapore refers to the practice of hiring chauffeurs for private transportation services. It involves engaging professional drivers to provide personalized and luxurious travel experiences. Chao私人服务在新加坡指的是雇佣专业司机提供个性化和豪华的交通服务。

chao private in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t act chao private la, be more open and talk lah! (chow pry-vet)
2. She always chao private one, never share her problems with us. (chow pry-vet)
3. Stop being so chao private about your relationship lah, tell us if you’re still together! (chow pry-vet)
4. Why you wanna be chao private about your new job? Share la, we also want to know! (chow pry-vet)
5. Don’t need to be chao private about your new crush, just tell us lah! (chow pry-vet)

chao private Origin in Singlish

This chao private start from the kampung, then went NS and become siao on. Now, he talk cock and act blur. Everyday makan, chiong sua and play YOLO. He steady lah, always chope seat at kopitiam. But don’t play play, still got heart one.