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catch no ball

catch no ball Meaning

Catch no ball is a colloquial Singaporean expression used to describe the state of confusion or lack of understanding. It refers to the inability to grasp or comprehend a situation or concept. In Chinese, catch no ball can be translated as 不懂球 (bù dǒng qiú).

catch no ball in a Sentence 

1. Eh, I told him to meet me at 7pm lah, but he catch no ball and came at 8pm instead.
2. She explained the instructions so fast, I totally catch no ball. Can you repeat?
3. I don’t understand this math problem, I really catch no ball lah.
4. He was speaking in Hokkien, I catch no ball at all.
5. I tried reading this technical manual, but I catch no ball, it’s too complicated.

Pronunciation: /kætʃ noʊ bohl/ (katch noh bawl)

catch no ball Origin in Singlish

Dis catch no ball come from lah, when people dun understand dunno what you saying. Like play kopi-o ball game leh, cannot catch small ball, also cannot catch what you talking about. So, use catch no ball lah, sempah shiok way to say I blur blur.