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can anot

can anot Meaning

Can anot is a colloquial phrase commonly used in Singapore to seek confirmation or approval. It roughly translates to 可以吗 (kěyǐ ma) in Chinese. With just three words, it is a concise way of asking if something is acceptable or feasible.

can anot in a Sentence 

1. Eh, can anot finish this project by tomorrow? Confirm can anot lah! (implies doubt or uncertainty)
2. Wah, the queue so long can anot? I scared cannot reach the counter in time. (expresses concern or worry)
3. You want to watch the movie? Can anot, my budget very tight now leh. (conveys financial limitations)
4. Weather so hot, can anot turn on the aircon ah? Cannot tahan leh. (asks for permission or agreement)
5. She say she come later, but can anot trust her words? Always like that one. (doubting someone’s reliability)

Pronunciation: can anot is pronounced as kan an-ut.

can anot Origin in Singlish

This can anot sia, where this Singlish come from ah? Aiyo, Singlish origin from lah, where else? It’s the mix of English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, and Hokkien lah. Got lah, this Singlish is uniquely Singapore one, can’t find anywhere else in the world sia.