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Singapore Taxi / Cab Booking Number

In the vibrant city of Singapore, there is an array of six unique taxi operators providing reliable services for the convenience of commuters. These operators have ensured their contact numbers are readily available for Singaporean taxi and cab users who prefer the traditional way of booking, by making a simple phone call.

Each of these six taxi operators has its own dedicated call centre, equipped with helpful staff who are ready to assist in booking the next available cab. This efficient system allows commuters to directly reach out to the operator of their choice and arrange a pick-up.

However, understanding that sometimes, convenience is key, these operators have also collaborated on a common hotline, fondly known as 6-DIAL-CAB (6-3425-222). This unique service ensures that if you don’t have a preference for a particular operator or can’t remember the different numbers, you can still easily book a cab.

When you dial this number, the call automatically gets routed to one of the six cab companies, eliminating the need for you to remember multiple contact numbers or dial different ones until you find an available cab. It’s a simple yet effective solution, ensuring a seamless cab booking experience in Singapore.

Singapore Taxi Company / Cab Booking Number

Singapore Taxi CompanyCab Booking Number
Comfort Cabs6552-1111
SMRT Taxis6555-8888
Premier Taxis6363-6888
Prime Taxi-6778-0808

Why call Taxi / Cab instead of using Ride Hailing Services?

Calling a taxi or cab can provide a different set of benefits compared to using ride-hailing services. For instance, taxis are often readily available in populated areas, reducing wait times. Additionally, taxi drivers are commonly knowledgeable about the city’s layout and can recommend the fastest routes during peak hours. Lastly, for individuals without access to a smartphone or stable internet connection, calling a cab can be a convenient alternative.

Airport Taxi vs Ride Hailing

Airport taxis are often more convenient for travelers, as they are readily available at designated taxi ranks. On the other hand, ride-hailing services may require a longer wait and can be challenging to book in areas with limited internet connectivity.

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