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boy girl relationship

boy girl relationship Meaning


boy girl relationship in a Sentence 

1. Eh, did you hear? Benny and Sally confirm got something going on, they always seem to be hanging out together sia! (Pronunciation: boy-girl reh-lay-shun-ship)
2. Wah, I think Darren and Chloe got a boy-girl relationship lah, they always holding hands when they walk around school. (Pronunciation: boy-girl reh-lay-shun-ship)
3. Aiyo, Joey and June went for a movie, so obvious they got a boy-girl relationship liao. (Pronunciation: boy-girl reh-lay-shun-ship)
4. Oi, don’t bluff me, I saw Ming and Amy go on a dinner date, they definitely got some boy-girl relationship going on. (Pronunciation: boy-girl reh-lay-shun-ship)
5. Wah, Jamie and Samuel always together during recess, they very close leh. Confirm got boy-girl relationship already lah. (Pronunciation: boy-girl reh-lay-shun-ship)

boy girl relationship Origin in Singlish

Boy leh, girl lor. They meet sia, sparks fly like fireworks. At first, they talk cock and laugh until peng about everything. Then, slowly, both heart and kopeh become closer. Can see from miles away: this boy girl relationship started from plain jio-ing and embraced love liao.