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botak Meaning

Botak, a colloquial term in Singapore, refers to someone who is bald or has a shaved head. Botak is the transliteration of the Chinese word 博塔克.

botak in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you see that guy? He used to have long hair, now he totally botak already. (bu-tahk)
2. Don’t play-play ah, my father is botak champion! (bu-tahk)
3. Aiyo, I forgot to bring my umbrella. Now sure kena caught in the rain and become botak liao. (bu-tahk)
4. Wah, that kopitiam uncle really botak, ah? All the hair also gone already. (bu-tahk)
5. Eh, you really need to cut your grass lah. Your lawn becoming botak already. (bu-tahk)

botak Origin in Singlish

Eh, this botak ah, he from Singapore one leh. He machiam genetically botak sia. Not like shave, sia. Barber oso bo lui. Maybe too much stress make hair run away lah. But don’t worry, botak also can power one, you know.