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bo jio

bo jio Meaning

Bo jio in Singapore refers to the act of not inviting someone, conveying a sense of exclusion. It is an informal term commonly used among friends. In Chinese, bo jio translates to 没叫 (méi jiào), illustrating the absence of an invitation or inclusion.

bo jio in a Sentence 

1. Eh, you went to that new cafe this morning and bo jio me ah? (pronounced: boh jee-oh)
2. Why you never bo jio us for the karaoke session, aiyo? (pronounced: boh jee-oh)
3. Wah, you all went for a movie without me and bo jio sia. (pronounced: boh jee-oh)
4. Don’t bo jio me next time when you go for the durian feast. (pronounced: boh jee-oh)
5. They all went for a beach outing and bo jio anyone else. (pronounced: boh jee-oh)

bo jio Origin in Singlish

Bo jio originated from the classic kiasu culture in Singapore lah. People confirm plus chop scared they miss out on things, so they always buay song if someone never jio them. It’s like a secret code to signal don’t leave me out! So jialat if got bo jio.