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Bo liao (boh liao) is a word in Singlish

boh liao Meaning

Bo h liao is a Singlish term used in Singapore to describe someone or something that is uninteresting, boring, or a waste of time. In Chinese, it can be translated as 无聊 (wú liáo).

bo liao in a Sentence

1. Eh, why you keep asking me boh liao questions like What’s your favorite color? Can’t we talk about something more meaningful?
(boh liao pronounced: boh lee-yao)

2. Instead of studying for exams, my friends and I bo liao, spent the whole day at the mall, playing arcade games and eating junk food.
(boh liao-ing pronounced: boh lee-yao-ing)

3. My mom scolded me for spending my pocket money on boh liao things like stickers and keychains, instead of saving it for something useful.
(boh liao pronounced: boh lee-yao)

4. Don’t waste your time watching those boh liao dramas on TV. There are so many better shows you could be watching!
(boh liao pronounced: boh lee-yao)

5. During lunch break, my colleagues and I talked about boh liao topics like our horoscopes and the latest gossip in the office.
(boh liao pronounced: boh lee-yao)

boh liao Origin in Singlish

Bo h liao is a popular Singlish term meaning no point or boring. Originating from Hokkien dialect, bo means no and liao means matter or affair. Used to describe situations or topics that are mundane or uninteresting, it’s a widely embraced and expressive term in the local Singaporean culture.

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