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bojio (bo h jio) is a word in Singlish

bo h jio bojio Meaning

Bo h jio bojio is a Singaporean slang that means Didn’t invite and left me out. It refers to the feeling of being excluded or not being informed about a social gathering or event. In Chinese, it can be translated as 没有邀请 (méi yǒu yāo qǐng).

bo h jio bojio in a Sentence

1. Eh, you go eat delicious chicken rice and bojio me! (pronounced as boh-jee-yo)
2. Why you never tell me got discount at the mall? Come on lah, bo h jio. (pronounced as boh-jee-yo)
3. You all go watch Avengers and bojio me, now I have to wait for the movie to come out online. (pronounced as  boh-jee-yo)
4. Eh, bojio me hor, next time you go fishing ah! (pronounced as  boh-jee-yo)
5. Auntie, you bake so many cookies and bojio the whole neighborhood, how to resist? (pronounced as  boh-jee-yo)

Bo Jio Origin in Singlish

bojio is a classic Singlish phrase that means didn’t invite, don’t invite. It originated from our kiasu culture, where people feel left out if they aren’t invited to an event or gathering. So, always remember to jio your friends, or else they’ll feel left out lah!

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