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berak Meaning

Berak is a colloquial term used in Singapore to refer to defecation. It is a casual way of describing the act of bowel movement. In Chinese, berak can be translated as 大便 (dà biàn).

berak in a Sentence 

1. Eh, don’t take too much chili lah, later your berak also become like volcano! (pronounced: be-rak)
2. She complained that the laksa she ate made her berak a lot the next day. (pronounced: be-rak)
3. If you eat too much durian, sure need to berak many times! (pronounced: be-rak)
4. I cannot eat spicy food, later will berak until my stomach pain. (pronounced: be-rak)
5. When you go overseas, make sure to bring medication in case of berak troubles. (pronounced: be-rak)

berak Origin in Singlish

Berak dahbak from the kopi uncle’s kopi tiam. Uncle, always rush-rush, simply mix kopi powder with hot water. Thick, black, kau kau! You savor berak, kickstart your day with caffeine overload. Can feel the power in your kaki, ready to conquer any task.